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I'm Cosmin, and I've been crafting sounds for video games for over 14 years.





Sound is my storytelling tool. Whether it's building suspense, stirring up nostalgia, or setting the vibe, I aim to create soundscapes that hit home. I'm always asking why things should be the way they are—like, why should a door always creak? And in video games, I seek to build spaces that give players that unique feeling, an escape, making them want to come back for more.

My journey into sound started with pure curiosity, and now, I'm all about giving life to video games. Every project for me is a canvas where I use sound to stir up emotions, turning gaming moments into unforgettable adventures. Listening is my thing—I catch the little details that make games truly immersive


In the world of audio design, sound effects, foley, and music composition, count on me to take care of your creative vision. From setting the scene to covering all your audio needs, just say the word and I got you!

My strive for innovation in music started in 2003 when the first notes appeared in my mind and, shortly after, on the computer. My experimental approach towards different music styles led to the desire of working in film music and starting firsts collaborations with filmmakers. My short interaction with the film making professionals was just a way to get one step closer to the wonderful world of animation, which opened a creative environment for building acoustic experiences, making my professional path going to the place I enjoy the most: sounds & music for video games. The continuous development and change in this environment is an important motive for my growing affection towards this industry.

Portrat of Cosmin Mirza Sound Designer and Music Composer

Apart from diving into the world of audio for games, I'm all about supporting the gaming community. I was involved in Game LAB TM, a project-based learning platform created for students, based on the needs of the Game Industry. Also, as a Co-Organizer of the Timisoara Game Developers Meetup, a monthly event, we help create a space for sharing ideas, offering feedback, and organizing fun events like game jams.



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People talk, people say things

I had the pleasure of working with Cosmin Mirza on an expansive project, a video game covering a large number of locations around the world. Cosmin was in charge of creating environmental sound design for each location in the game and composing some of the score.

His contributions were imaginative, excellent and fit perfectly the needs and the style of the game. Cosmin always delivered on time and on budget. He was great to work with, implemented feedback and delivered like a supreme professional. I recommend him with great enthusiasm and look forward to working with him again.

Penka Kouneva

Co-Composer: Prince of Persia: Forgotten Sands

Orchestrator: World Of Warcraft Cataclysm, Starcraft II, Diablo III

Female Portrait

Cosmin is one of those people you WANT to work with on your projects to bring out the audio experience. He always impressed me with his eye on detail and sound design quality regarding strange requests that would usually take a lot of time to get the sound right. A true professional.

Radu Ziemba

Managing Partner at Deadlime Games

Male Portrait

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Cosmin. His eye for detail and skills in sound design impresses me every time!

Aki Latvamäki

Audio Producer at Huuuge Games

Male Portrait

Excellent working with Cosmin on my game Unbound: Worlds Apart. He composed music, made SFX and did a great job on the trailer too. He is a super professional, highly motivated and extremely talented guy! Glad he is part of the project!

Sergiu Craitoiu

Co-founder at AlienPixel

Male Portrait

Working with Cosmin is a pleasure and communication is effortless, he has a good understanding of the sound design a project needs, and consistently delivers good results.

Victor Rubinstein

Founder at Edgeflow Studio

Edgeflow Timisoara Logo

Cosmin composed the music for our game, Door Kickers 2. The game has close to 200k players at the moment and, as anyone can check via Steam reviews or Discord, all the soundtrack's mentions view it as no less than stellar! Brilliant work, the soundtrack fits our game's theme and requirements perfectly.

The sound effects he designed are on par with the soundtrack, high-quality sfx for weapons, environment, foliage, etc, you name it, they bring a lot of value to the game. Whatever we do next, he's our guy.

Mihai Gosa

Founder Kill House Games

Male Portrait

I've been watching streams of our game and people regularly comment on how good the sounds are. Needless to say, I am very happy with Cosmin's work. He did all the sound effects for Frankie's Revenge, working with us to tweak and tune everything until it turned out just how we wanted, while also bringing his creative vision to the table. The results speak for themselves and I highly recommend Cosmin for your audio needs.

Alexandru Palade

Managing Director at Rikodu

Male Portrait
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