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I'm Cosmin, and I've been crafting sounds for games for over 14 years now. I'm the kind of person who finds joy in anything that makes a noise.

Turning noise into feelings, one video game at a time.

In the world of audio design, sound effects, foley, and music composition, count on me to take care of your creative vision. From setting the scene to covering all your audio needs, just say the word and I got you!


I'm a Sound Designer for Video Games from Romania, deeply passionate about the Gaming Industry, and commited to fostering Community connections. 

Portrat of Cosmin Mirza Sound Designer and Music Composer

If noise is the cure, 

I got you!


I'm all about the magic of sound. As a sound designer, I paint auditory experiences that enhance storytelling. From crafting detailed sound effects to building immersive soundscapes, I love turning moments into unforgettable journeys through the power of sound.


As a music composer, I dive into various genres to create original scores and soundtracks that capture emotions and elevate projects. From upbeat rhythms to soothing melodies, my goal is to deliver music that adds depth and brings stories to life.


I focus on weaving sound seamlessly into projects to create an immersive experience. My approach is all about making sure that every sound fits just right, enhancing the project's vibe in a friendly and engaging manner.


Explore sound design with personalized 1-on-1 lessons! Dive into the world of audio, perfect your craft, and gain insights into entering the video games industry. Enjoy a tailored learning experience designed to help you master the art of sound at your pace.


Sound Design

Edgeflow Studios



Year Completed:

Project Spotlight



I believe every collaboration made me part of the team.

I've teamed up with big players like Ubisoft on the Ghost Recon series and worked on games published by Chillingo (the folks behind Angry Birds). I've also collaborated with Huuuge Games and had the chance to work with incredible talents like Penka Kouneva, known for her work on games like Prince of Persia and World of Warcraft, and Romanian game developers like Amber, KillHouse Games, Angry Mob Games, Rikodu, Deadlime Games, White Pond Games, to name a few.


I've worked with big companies as well as small studios

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